Music Lessons for Adults, County Durham 

I am not your 'standard' guitar teacher...

Having mostly taught myself to play by ear and then developing my style by writing songs (a lot of fingerpicking style) I can help you master many different styles of guitar playing, whether it’s rock, bluegrass, fingerpicking or simply strumming along to your favourite songs.

Students with me learn to choose how and what they want to learn: whatever you want to play we will find a way to play it, and take things at their own pace! 

So if you’re struggling to put both hands together when playing guitar, ukulele or piano, or you’ve got inspired by something to learn a new instrument, or even if you want to learn to read music, I can help. 

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I am a classically trained pianist with a strong grounding in music theory...

So if you’re keen on this aspect, I’m happy to work with you: I have successfully put my students through their grades, with great results but above all I’m keen to foster your love for music and help you to enjoy playing your instrument with confidence.

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Music Lessons for Children, County Durham 

Lessons at Oak Tree are very different to music lessons at school...

If your child has a love for music and a growing desire to play, read and perform, then it’s time to give them the knowledge and environment they need to move forwards. 

Learning music has much wider applications in life as well, helping children to develop autonomy and creativity whilst building confidence. 

In terms of learning, the 1:1, pressure-free environment at Oak Tree means that every moment is tailored towards your child's needs. 

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Piano, guitar or ukulele? Which to choose?

At Oak Tree I encourage young children who are interested in guitar to start learning with the ukulele before progressing to the guitar, as the guitar is often very tricky to play for small hands (even with the half sizes). 

Of course if they are super keen, I’m sure we could make it work- and we have done!

The piano is a great starter instrument (the best in my opinion - it was my first instrument at the age of 4). The notes are visible and it requires less skill than stringed instruments to play. 

I use the Piano safari method for piano lessons, which gradually helps to build up skill through fun technical exercises and animal themed pieces.

For Guitar and Ukulele I use the Basics books, which do a similar job. With all books there are supporting video and audio resources so kids can play along to tunes. 

Learning through play...

Having taught as an English camp counsellor, my education background has been all about games and teaching in creative ways, so this is very much part of my teaching style.

Play helps to reinforce knowledge around rhythms, training by ear and learning to read notes. If your child is keen on getting grades, or if you believe this is important for them, I’m more than happy to put them through their grades. 

I believe music should be about play (after all, you 'play' piano and guitar), especially in early years, so this is what I focus on as a teacher; helping young people to develop a love and life-long interest in music.

Ready to get started? Request to book your weekly lesson.Or, try a 60 minute trial lesson with me for just £14!

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