Language Tuition for Adults, online or in-person

Learning and perfecting a language is exciting and challenging, and it can help you to understand other cultures and gain new perspectives

When learning a language it’s often the speaking / conversational side that needs the most practice.

By using resources from a country to mimic real-life situations, and practising and perfecting accents and sounds, you will see real progression in your skills every lesson. 

If you’re wanting to speak with more confidence in English, French, German or Spanish, and want to learn in a fun and engaging way, with lots of different learning styles to suit your own way of working, I could be the right language teacher for you.  

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I have a deep understanding and love for etymology (where do words come from?)...

I will really help you see patterns and connections more clearly as well as simplifying grammar to help you get the right building blocks to understanding language, helping you speak, write and understand with more confidence.

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Language Tuition for GCSE & A-Level online or in-person

Learning a language SHOULD be fun, and I can make it feel that way...

I have a real passion for languages and have been language learning since I was 11. I really understand the issues when learning a language for the first time (I’m still learning now, having taught myself Swedish over lockdown).

I love how fun it can be; ultimately it’s about connecting with others, through speaking and understanding culture, and also history. Learning a new language really helps you think differently about the world!

However I know there are many out there who struggle with it. 

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The classroom is not the ideal learning environment for everyone...

Speaking a different language in front of classmates requires a lot of confidence. 

Often the teachers themselves may be stretched and can’t bring the excitement and passion needed in order to help children to learn.

More than once I have had students come to me who have had very little speaking or listening practice in class, or who had never heard their teacher speak the language. 

Get a learning plan designed to fit your child perfectly...

If you feel like you're lagging behind in class, or if your child is experiencing anxiety and dread about their upcoming language exams, then my informal, engaging and fun 1:1 tuition via Zoom or in-person can build confidence, develop language skills and improve exam results.

And who knows, they might even end up liking it!

I teach French and German to GCSE and A-Level standard, and in Spanish I can offer conversational practice (also for A-level) and teaching up to GCSE level and have recently had great results from my students in their exams. 

So whether listening, reading, writing, or speaking is your problem area (or if all need a little bit of attention) then get in touch to start a learning plan that is designed to suit you or your child perfectly. 

Ready to get started? Request to book your weekly lesson. Or, try a 60 minute trial lesson with me for just £14!

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