Music and Language lessons
For all ages and abilities 
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Got a favourite song that you’d love to learn to play?

Want a music teacher who keeps your child inspired and excited to learn?

Face to face Music Tuition in Ushaw Moor, Durham:
Discover new styles, play tunes you love, learn to read music


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Need to prepare for exams?

Simply want to practice having conversations in a second language?

Online Language Tuition via Zoom:
Conversational practice, GCSE & A Level prep, culture focused learning


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My teaching style...

Learn in a pressure free environment, with no grades or exams unless you want to do them, where we follow your interests and help you develop a deep love for your chosen instrument or language.

(Disclaimer… homework will be given.)

From £24 per hour on weekdays, in term time. Organise your weekly slot with me, Osla, and start your journey of creativity, self discovery and love of learning.

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Current availability...

Music and language lessons between 2pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

Ready to get started? Request to book your weekly lesson.
Or, try a 60 minute trial lesson with me for just £14!

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Hi I'm Osla...

I'm a French, German, Spanish and EFL teacher who has lived in France (Martinique) and Germany (Berlin); and spent time working and travelling around Spain, with over almost 20 years of language teaching experience.

I am also a performing singer-songwriter musician teaching piano, guitar and ukulele.

About me
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