About Us
We are Queensland's most comprehensive educational services provider! Not only do we provide one-on-one mentoring for almost every subject from prep to university, we offer unmatched assistance for exams such as IELTS and GAMSAT. To make it even better, we come to your home and cover all suburbs across Brisbane and Gold Coast.
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Education is our passion and we believe every student has it in them to achieve the highest of goals and the unlikeliest of dream. They just need the right mentor, the right guidance and the right resources. With a combined teaching experience of over 20 years, our team of teachers and PhD candidates has developed just that. At Oak Tree, we lay the seeds, provide the nurturing and watch with pride as our students grow from strength to strength.
Our Vision
Teaching is not an easy task. It needs patience as well as the future insight of the entire scenario. We believe that teaching is the only profession that helps in creating the other profession. Therefore, we ensure that the approach of our tutors stays positive always.

To impart quality education to your child, we envisage and strive to enforce on the following think points-
Teaching is a Work of Heart
Our planned work and the approach towards teaching means the journey towards learning is clear. Our roadmap to tutoring helps to navigate the different aspects differently. Amidst all other stress and worries, we make sure that your child completes all the assignments on time accurately and appropriately.

Besides the assignments, we also make sure that your child gets time to prepare for the advanced syllabus or the topics. We make learning as much interesting as possible.
We Stress on Progress
The teachers of your child are the very first one to notice about the struggle of your ward with a particular topic. We ensure the application of the methodology that will help your child to learn faster. We consider this as a valuable insight to make learning friendly and result driven. We constantly stress on the academic progress of your child in the areas they struggle.

Our efforts are not only related to the classroom performance but also ensure that your child succeeds in its future endeavours by preparing the child accordingly.
We Make Difference Every Day
Not only we focus our tutoring on the course related topics, but also ensure that the child gets to develop the confidence in its abilities. We believe that the child’s perception if the perception of the teacher. We ensure that through our tutoring methods, we are successful in implanting the positive seeds of thoughts in the child.
Simply put, we employ the best tutors in Brisbane. Each of them achieved at least a VHA5 (A) in their chosen subjects, obtained a superb OP/ATAR score and has pursued the subjects they teach at university, whether it is Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science, Commerce or Humanities.

To all your subject needs, we are always present by your side to assist you at every step. Our excellent and result oriented home tutoring in Brisbane is all about providing the best home tutoring in Brisbane. We make sure that our tutors meet your expectations. We ensure the following-
Salient Qualities of our Tutors
  • Support smooth and hurdle less learning
  • Make the students understand the matter in a more comfortable way
  • Help in inculcating strength, confidence, and passion
  • Help in assessing the weak points and guide to strengthen the flaws
  • The students get the most efficient ratio that is 1:1 for a smooth learning
  • The tutors adjust according to the requirements of the child
  • Our tutors implement all the possible strategies to overcome the hurdles in the subjects by paving ways for new passion for learning
  • Our tutors mentor the approach of the students and ensure that they remain positive in the subjects that they face problem
  • Our tutor comes to you and thus saving your precious time and energy
  • Our tutors ensure that your child gets the natural and comfortable environment to learn