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For all our educational services, we charge a flate rate of $55 per hour, inclusive of GST. There are no registration, cancelling or any other hidden costs - ever. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly and payment is through direct deposit to our bank account. We do not accept cash.
Yes, we do! For group sessions, we offer a massive discount of 20% per student. That means each student pays $44/hour in a one on two session and $33/hour in a one on three session. We restrict our group sessions to a maximum of 3 students to maintain focus and productivity. Students or families with financial difficulties can apply for our special rates which we provide on a case by case basis. Since our goal is to allow every student to achieve academic success, we don't want cost to be the reason they fall behind. Get in touch with us today to enquire about our special rates!
With OakTree, you only pay for your actual contact hours with your mentor and we don't charge any cancellation fees. That means you are free to change your session times as often as you need to without incurring any financial penalty, giving you the ultimate flexibility. We simply ask, as a matter of courtesy, that you please inform the tutor well in advance of any planned change to schedule. Furthermore, to ensure our students achieve the greatest academic success, we strongly recommend that you never miss your weekly sessions. If you cannot make your regular time, please try your best to reschedule for a time later in the week as opposed to cancelling. That ensures that our students successfully meet their weekly goals, are not unnecessarily stressed due to missed deadlines and stay abreast of the academic plan we devised for them.
Group sessions are a great way to revise for exams or to produce polished and stunning reports for group projects. Simply let us know that you prefer a group session! It's as easy as that. However, we do require that each student in the session is studying the same subject at the same level. We also limit group size to 3 students to ensure that each session is as productive and focussed as possible. As with all of our services, you are free to choose a time and location that suits you best and our tutors will try their hardest to accomodate you.
Absolutely! Our first session is always 100% free and gives you the opportunity to meet your tutor, understand the OakTree method and really see the reason for our students' success. There is no obligation on you to continue with us after your free session but be warned - our sessions are addictive!
You can either call us, email us or send us a message on Facebook. We always respond to every enquiry!