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About Oaktree
Although OakTree Tutoring Academy started in February 2017, our founding team had already been teaching and tutoring students for a combined total of 20 years. Counted together, we taught at numerous schools and universities across Brisbane and Gold Coast and tutored almost every subject from primary to tertiary level. Along the way, we developed numerous resources to aid students and mastered techniques that we saw worked every time. It is a testament to our teaching success that our students always came to us through word of mouth and never left without having achieved their academic goals. We planted the seeds, provided the right nurturing and watched our students enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Before we knew it, we were addicted to sharing the joys of our students and knew then that we wanted to share this passion. As a result, we founded the company and chose a name which reflected our philosophy. OakTree was born.
The answer lies in our mission: to ensure that each and every student maximises their potential and achieves their academic dreams. At OakTree, we believe that, regardless of their background or level, all students are capable of success. Our philosophy guarantees that!
Our Educational Resources
Over the years, we have invested thousands of dollars into developing the greatest academic mentoring resources in Queensland. Our students gain access to special worksheets, unique practise questions, model solutions to all major textbooks, revision notes and past papers. We work closely with educators and institutes across Australia to continuously revise, modify and improve our resources to provide that extra advantage to our students.
Our Famous Loop
Firstly, we carry out a thorough and individualised assessment of each of our students, involving as many stakeholders as possible. We then develop a compact and focused academic plan for them and enter them into The Loop. It takes an average of three iterations of The Loop to achieve staggeringly awesome results which leave our students elated and us proud!
Our Mentoring Structure
For our primary and high school students, we develop an individualised academic plan based on feedback from teachers, parents and the students. Each student is provided with an OakTree Student Manual to track their weekly, term and annual goals, plan their study and ace their assessments. Our university and languages students follow a similar structured plan to guaranteed success.
Our Tutoring Team
To bring together our resources, teaching structures and The Loop, we employ the top mentors. Our tutors are our key asset – motivating and inspiring men and women who are passionate in empowering their students to achieve success and fulfil their dreams. We enforce a stringent selection procedure and provide continuous training to ensure our students have access to the very best staff!
Assess :
For school students, our highly trained tutors gather feedback from teachers and hold an orientation session with the student and parents. They assess past assessments, gauge the student’s aptitude, attitude, strengths and weaknesses and evaluate expectations. For students interested in our other academic services, our tutors hold an orientation session and use OakTree’s unique internal assessments to assess student level.
Plan :
Using the information we gathered, we devise an individualised academic intervention plan for all our students. We utilise our Student Manuals to bring together our revolutionary goal setting and time management techniques and develop a study plan. For school and university students, the plan’s duration is one term but it is variable for our other students.
Mentor :
With the super plan in hand, our tutors get to work. Not only do they ensure that the students follow their plan, our mentors provide the critical motivation, inspiration and empowerment that really catapults our students to new academic heights.
Consolidate :
Once our tutors see the plan out to completion, they typically spend two sessions to fully consolidate the material and ensure that the student will retain. This usually happens in the last week of term and holidays for school students. Non-school students are rigorously tested in this stage to assess their learning.
Analyse :
In this stage, the academic mentors and the OakTree management evaluate student performance, critically analyse tutor effectiveness and scrutinise the learning strategies and techniques employed. We then modify the student plan accordingly and, for school and university students, utilise it in the next term. For our other students, we evaluate whether they will require another round before they master their subject.
Repeat :
Our school and university students will continue in The Loop for as long as they continue their mentoring program with us. Every term will be a new iteration and within an average of three rounds, we develop a near perfect system unique to each student that ensures they achieve the highest possible grades each term!
It is not easy to be an OakTree Tutor! We select roughly half of all applicants for a personal interview where we assess whether their personalities and outlook will allow them to develop into the motivating, inspiring and empowering mentors who work for us. Only about a third of the interviewees are taken to the initial training stage, the intense nature of which means that more applicants are deemed unsuitable to continue. Only the elite make it to our final training stage and become OakTree Tutors.
  • Either current university students, university graduates or qualified teachers.
  • Experts in their subjects, having consistently achieved top grades in their studies.
  • Specifically chosen for their ability to motivate and inspire students and develop lasting relationships.
  • All our tutors have valid Blue Cards.
  • Highly trained in the most effective time management, goal setting and learning techniques.
  • Attend monthly workshops to ensure continuous learning and improvement.
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